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Chernobyl Photo Workshops

Improve your photography skills SIGNIFICANTLY in one of the greatest photo spots on this planet. Via you can experience workshops with world-known photographers who will make sure that after a few days in the Chernobyl zone with them you will not only be amazed by the place itself, but you will become amazingly skilled in capturing moments of the present, past….and maybe even the future.

Please choose from the three workshops the best for you:

Faces of Chernobyl by Zoriah Miller (5 DAYS)

Minimum number of people on the tour: 3
Maximum number of people on the tour: 7


ArchiNature by Tomas Svoboda (3DAYS)

Since the middle ages, the Chernobyl zone was called the “land of wolves”. After the 3-day workshop with Tomas Svoboda, you will have all the evidence you need to prove from your iconic pictures that Chernobyl deserves to have its former name back and that the Chernobyl zone is still alive. With Tomas you will travel around the zone to see all the wildlife kept in Chernobyl – wild horses, giant catfish, and deer and maybe even wolves. It’s all totally safe and comfortable.



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Just a few people every year are able to participate in a workshop in Chernobyl and Pripyat and really cherish the atmosphere which cannot be described in words. The route of this photographic workshop tour is designed to avoid almost all of the places with a higher radiation level, or visit places with a higher radiation (still not harmful to one’s health) that is shrunk to a minimum. This tour is safe; the amount of radiation during the three days spent in the Chernobyl zone will not exceed 10 microsieverts – non harmful dose of radiation.


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