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Private tours

Private tour with to the Chernobyl exclusion zone is the most delicate way of exploring and photographing all the hidden and most precious places of the zone of absolute resettlement. You will see exactly the places you want to see, without any other photographers. If you are not sure what to see, will tailor the program so you will be able to see as many places as possible in the given time. Also, this tour allows photographers to see places that are not visited on regular tours. You can stay in the zone as many days as you like.



08:30 Departure – Kiev – your address
10:00 Arrival at the Dityatky checkpoint (watching documentaries about the Chernobyl accident on the way)
10:30 Entering the Chernobyl exclusion zone and excursion start (bzw. Check in the hotel)
11:00 Your tailored program
12:00 Lunch – Chernobyl – new canteen, traditional Ukrainian meals
13:00 Your tailored program
XX:XX The program depends on how many days you would like to spend in the Chernobyl zone
18:30 Dinner (several day private Chernobyl tour)/Arrival back to Kiev – your address (one-day private Chernobyl tour)

PRICE from $299/person/day

The price includes all you will need during the private tour in Chernobyl: Transportation (Air-conditioned bus), permission to enter Chernobyl zone, Hotel** (for several day tours), English guide, Lunch, Respirator, Whole body protection – overall, Geiger – Muller counter, Obligatory insurance.

The booking is not binding until you confirm it by replying to the email and paying a booking fee of 10 %. We appreciate your trust in choosing to provide you with the safest and most photographer-friendly tour to Chernobyl. The details you are sending have to be completed at least 10 days prior to the chosen tour (if you are making a booking far in advance, you can update and fill in anytime).

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Just a few hundred people every year are able to visit Chernobyl and Pripyat for more days and really cherish the atmosphere which cannot be described in words. The route of this photographic four- day tour is designed to avoid almost all of the places with a higher radiation level, or visit places with a higher radiation (still not harmful to one’s health) that is shrunk to a minimum. This tour is safe; the amount of radiation during one day spent in the Chernobyl zone will not exceed 7 microsieverts – non harmful dose of radiation.

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